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    董事長致辭Chairman's speech| 福街介紹Introduction to Fu Street| 標志釋義Logo Interpretation| 企業文化corporate culture| 項目簡介Project introduction| 企業榮譽| 福街大事記|
    標志釋義Logo Interpretation




    Interpretation of company logo:

    The main design of the logo is composed of two squares, two circles and two trapezoids. Square and trapezoid are the foundation of the building, and the two circles symbolize the "stability and completeness" of "Fu Street" format. The surfaces of the two trapezoidal bases are surrounded by numerous lotus petals, and the small circles connected with the waistlines are arranged in order, implying the strong gathering power of "Fu Street", reflecting the cultural realm of unity of one mind, concerted efforts and responsibility; the industry converges on Fulin golden street with "favorable timing, favorable location and harmonious people", and the word "Fu Street" occupies more than half of the logo, indicating the commanding place of "Fu Street" brand The letter SLZY at the center of the circle is the abbreviation of Shilin real estate, which indicates that it plays an important role in the development of enterprises. The logo uses simple black, blue and white as the background color, and the whole pattern represents the enterprise's concentric, stable and upward humanistic spirit.
    The work is round as it is, symbolizing the integrity of the business form of "Fu Street" to the outside world and to the real progress of the internal affairs. It also shows the development of "Fu Street" in Panjin, which benefits the country, the people and the world, and is harmonious, prosperous, continuous and continuous.

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    版權所有:盤錦福街廣場商業管理有限公司    營業執照   技術支持:龍采科技集團鞍山分公司  遼ICP備19002154號-2


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